Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pen Pals - Valentine's Day


Looking back I haven't shared this completed cross stitch. This is also worked on the dotty linen. It was this pattern that persuaded me to change all of the other patterns to a coloured border so as to better stand out on the linen.

This is pattern 203, called Valentine's Day. I still don't know how I'm going to display these completed stitcheries.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pen Pals - Ice Cream, You Scream!

I have just finished this small cross stitch by The Frosted Pumpkin Sitchery, just as they  release the next in the series. I took three of these in kit form to Birmingham to work on and I managed to move all of them on and I now have four out of seven complete. Once I'm up to date with them, I can move onto the many other cross stitches I have in progress.

As I purchase each pattern, I print out the coloured chart and the colour key. I then laminate them back to back to work from. Then I get a zip lock bag and add the threads from my stash and the dotty aida. Then I know what threads I need to buy or substitute. I now need to make up my kit for pattern 208 and find the box of threads that I know is somewhere in my stash.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Goody Goody Binding Bag Sew Along with Lella Boutique

Vanessa of http://lellaboutique.blogspot.co.uk/ has recently designed a Binding Bag in her new fabric range. Fat Quarter Shop has organised a Sewalong for this free pattern available from Vanessa's blog.

I cut out most of the pieces for this quick project on Tuesday before catching the boat to St Malo with four friends. we had a lovely time, the boat was on time, the sea was very calm and we had a lovely lunch in Saint Servan. Farmers were protesting so the ferry company warned us to allow plenty of time to return to the ferry terminal. This only affected us after lunch when we took a bus to the supermarket as we were dropped off further away than we expected. When we left the shopping centre, there were tractors at each exit but the taxi arrived in ten minutes and avoided any protests on the back streets back to the port.

I started sewing the bag this morning after taking daughter, Lizzie to the port. On the left hand side you have a pouch for your binding clips. On the right hand edge, you turn in a quarter inch seam and I pressed the two seam allowances into the middle of the two layers, so the pouch is seam free inside. I bought most of the fabrics for this at the Cotton Patch last week.
In the centre of the pouch you have a ribbon for your threads. In the pattern this is made from fabric, but I used some ribbon. It is also meant to be attached at the bottom with Velcro and as I had no Velcro to hand I added a Prym press stud. The strawberry pocket for scissors has been replaced by a square pocket.

On the right hand side is a pocket for treats. I added a lace trim to the pocket from the haberdashery stash given to me by a friend's Mum.
And here's the finished interior ready for use by it's lucky recipient. The fabric range is mostly Indelible by art Gallery Fabrics.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Farm Girl Fridays - week 13 - Mama Hen and Milking Day

 Apart from an appalling photo, I'm please with this block. It's a nicely designed block but a bit fiddly at 6" square. Again all scraps from my scrap bags.

I'm not sure where this orange feather fabric came from, but it looks great on this Mama Hen block. And it's all going in the right direction without need for the ripper.

I think next week I'll mix the blocks up a bit instead of just adding the new blocks to the bottom. it's coming together nicely.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flower swirls

Nick was kind enough to print out the directory of all the new Prostitcher patterns that came with the recent upgrade. Carole requested a quick easy pattern so I chose Flower Swirls 4. I enlarged the design to fit the space without having to crop it. That was almost a mistake as it just fitted in the throat space which I only realised after I'd started the first row. A bit of jiggery pokery and all was well.
The quilt was delivered early yesterday morning after an e-mail from the client asking if I could fit it into my schedule. A quick phone call from Carole and she was here by 8.30 am. She knows I'm an early riser. It was a bit of a shock for Matthew to see a stranger in the house so early and a bit of a shock to me that he'd gone to the gym so early too.

I decided to make the Goody Goody Binding Bag first yesterday before loading this quilt. It was finished the same evening and looks good. I hope the customer is happy with it as it's for an ill friend and she wants to get it in the post as soon as possible.

A lovely quilt. I'll share the Goody Goody Binding Bag with you on Saturday.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Isn't this a cute quilt, made by my friend Val. Val tells me that the pattern is my Bunny Hill designs and the fabric is Winter Wonderland. It is a lovely quilt. The background in the centre is an off white overprinted with cream outlined dots which I particularly love.

I quilted it on my HQ Avante using a pantograph called Elegant Stars to pick out the stars from the applique. I used King Tut thread in Canvas. I used several new techniques that I picked up last week - cropping closed and drag and drop.

Matthew went to the gym at 7 am so I was able to take a photo nice and early before we headed to the supermarket to buy him some cereal.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday stash - Indelible

Last week I was away learning more about the Art N Stitch and Prostitcher software for my Handiquilter Avante at the Cotton Patch in Birmingham with instructor, Lynda Jackson. I picked up lots of information, but it also proved that I know more than I give myself credit for. However I still have loads to learn and put into practise. Over the coming months, I will be working through the twenty sets of tutorials on the Art N Stitch website to improve my skills and add to my knowledge. When the manual for the updated Prostitcher software is released, I'll also work through that. I did learn that I can load the Prostitcher software onto a laptop and run it in simulator mode which is something for this week's to do list.
My flight was delayed for three hours, so I only had thirty minutes available for shopping before meeting Marjorie to share a taxi to Hall Green where we were staying and a short walk from The Cotton Patch Studio. However I did manage to pop into House of Fraser and purchase a few zips. On Thursday evening, with the courses finished and the teacher was busy finalising some design work, I headed off on the bus to Touchwood shopping centre and bought a few more zips at John Lewis and had dinner at Wagamama.

The reason for buying so many zips is that I plan to make at least one Noodlehead Super Tote. I also picked up some Art Gallery fabrics from their Indelible range as well as a linen look cotton as well as some Soft and Stable for the Super Tote. The Soft & Stable was expensive at over £20 a metre, so I hope it works well. It also took up a lot of room in my carry on case. I would have been better to have the Cotton Patch post my purchases home as the postage charge was £5.50 and the fee for processing the VAT form is £5, but at least I could cut into the fabric straight away.
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