Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making progress

Hooray, the Fast and Fabulous quilt started at Fat Quarterly retreat has been quilted and trimmed. I used some of the remaining jelly roll strips as a border, rather than buy any yardage, I also hoped that it would tone down the red.
 I will admit that I am no longer a polyester snob and am loving the Superior Threads So Fine that Carol recommended that I tried. I'm also loving the prewound bobbins. I realised I had no backing set aside for this quilt so I grabbed the remainder of my Ikea Bitten and it was just wide enough and just long enough. I thought I might regret using it but it all worked out okay.
I think tomorrow I will focus on sewing the bindings to the front of this quilt and the rainbow star quilt. If I can get both bound this week that would be two off my to do list. Progress is slow but steady.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What a beauty

And these photos don't do it justice, but I finished Sarah's quilt on Friday, which was a lot quicker than I dared hope.

Sarah combined two collections of fabric with a variety of white on whites for the background for a stunning quilt. Perfectly pieced and pressed with no wobbly edges to challenge me.

We decided on "Japanese Clouds" pantograph, a favourite of my clients for when you don't want to overwhelm the piecing. I also used So Fine for the first time and it also allows the piecing to shine.

And this is the pieced back - a masterpiece by itself. I don't know how Sarah can bear to part with this quilt. That's one project off my to do list and it's trimmed and ready for Sarah to bind.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Moda Modern Building Blocks Sewalong - helpful equipment

Moda Modern Building Blocks Sewalong
Even if you don't have your pattern yet, you can still piece the one on the finishing instructions as a tester. In the mean time, here's some equipment, I'll be using.
If you don't have a good square ruler, now may be the time to invest in the largest you can afford. I have the 20.5" ruler by Creative Grids (not pictured) and find it indispensable for trimming quilts. If your block isn't lying flat, press it and then lay your square ruler on top and the weight of the ruler and the steam from the pressing, will work miracles and make seams lie flatter.
We received a sample of Swatch Buddies from Janome at the Fat Quarterly Retreat and I'm starting with the fabrics I'm using for this project on one ring. You can get good deals from Amazon on large packets.
Have you made any of Lori Holt's design boards? These area boon when you're working on several different blocks at once. The wadding means fabric sticks to the board. Once I've pressed my pieces, I put them back on the correct board, ready to pin the next step.  I made four of these a couple of years ago which is perfect when working on four small blocks each month.

And the best and cheapest piece of equipment I use for any project is a sturdy paper shopping bag to store all the pieces for one project in one place. Return next week to link up to a photo of your fabric choices.

Friday, September 12, 2014

On the frame

I am panicking as a project I haven't even started has a completion date of 30 September for a magazine and it's not even started.  Thankfully they have just sent an e-mail with the deadline so it's now on my to do list. However I'm starting to panic as September is manic with evenings out and significant birthdays.

So I need to write down what I have to complete:

Client quilts in the house
Sarah's quilt is on the machine and I'd like to deliver it to our guild on Monday
Jane's Anchors Aweigh - finished apart from some issues I need to resolve which I wish I'd seen before the quilt was trimmed
Carmel's quilt which will probably now wait until October

To do on Friday
Sample and handout for workshop on Saturday

Due by 25 September
Matthew's quilt

Due by the end of the month
Christmas project for Fat Quarterly magazine
ST2 snail trails in pastels with white background
Stash bee - two circle blocks in a primary and it's complimentary colour
Mini quilt swap - this is planned but not started
First four Moda Building Blocks

Would love to get done this month but not realistic:
Binding on Siblings Together rainbow log cabin quilt
A Lovely Year of Schnibbles project - started but 160 small flying geese units!!

I am concentrating on Sarahs' quilt first and hoping to do some cutting out of other projects whilst supervising the machine. I really need to focus on just one project at a time, but that's not in my nature. Several projects will take less than a day, but I think on Sunday, I'll tackle Matthew's quilt and hopefully get the piecing finished and load it onto the machine. Then what should I do? An easy finish such as a Bee block or two or the Christmas quilt?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rainbow log cabins

And that makes four quilts finished in the last week - well at least they're quilted. Three can go back to their owners but this one is down to me to bind. It's been made up of 14" log cabin blocks in a rainbow of colours. I love the fabrics that everyone's used and there are several repeated motifs which ties everything together - spots, stripes, stars, 1930s cute fabric, sketch, text etc. I've just realised the rainbow doesn't work this way up, but never mind. I'm going to use the same plan for the second Siblings Together group I'm in to make a pair.

I bondawebbed the label to the corner of the backing so it would be permanently affixed. To make it easier to place, I quilted from the bottom up.

You can't beat Ikea's Bitten for a backing. And I think I do have enough left for a backing for a second similar quilt. I wonder when I can stock up on some more? The pantograph is Allium by Hermione Agee and the thread is Cleopatra by Superior Threads.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


And here's Susan's pretty batik quilt which I quilted with a Handiquilter pantograph called Flutterby. It's no densely quilted so as to not detract from the pretty panels.
I'm surprised the quilting doesn't show better in this photograph as it's a bright blue thread called Aswan by superior Threads on a brown backing.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Flowing floral

This is Judy's quilt and I love the yellow dot she has used for the background. I am envious and wish I'd chosen yellow for Matthew's quilt. You can't see very well in this photo but the blocks aren't just squares. I used a pantograph called Flowing Floral which is a new one and which turned out really well using Shekels by Superior Thread as my thread.
And here's the pretty blue backing.

And here's my quilt model who has just two weeks before he leaves for Loughborough Uni. He has upgraded his 50cc motorbike to a 500cc. that's a whole lot more power. He has booked his test for the bigger engine for next week.