Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spider's web

Another stunning quilt is finished for a client and ready for collection. I've quilted a traditional Baptist fab over all of the quilt.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Amitie mystery BOM 2014

I bet Claire was shocked when I told her what I'd purchased. Jen Kingwell's style is so outside by comfort zone, hand pieced too. However I thought it would be a good project for Wednesday mornings and travelling and would stretch me. Jen doesn't press her blocks either, which is one step too far for me. Having taken a class with Jen at fat Quarterly retreat, I took the plunge.
Hadley blogged that hers arrived earlier in the week so I guessed she was in group 1 and I'm in group 2 so ours comes a week later. Yesterday I saw on facebook that the mail order section of Amitie in Australia was suddenly closed for ten days, so I thought I'd have to wait until next month, but my kit arrived yesterday and here it is.
Very eclectic and the first block is about 6" in size, so should be doable for my first foray into hand piecing. i now have to find all of the tools I took to FQR as the quarter inch tracing wheel is in the wallet along with the correct needles.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dainty hexagons

It's wet and windy today so I've stayed inside to photograph this lovely client quilt. I love the choice of border which picks out the greens used in the flowers and really peps it up.
I'ev used the pantograph called Dainty and the thread colour is Stone age by Superior Threads.
I have another quilt for the same client in progress today. If I can finish it today, I might be able to quilt one of my own quilts before two new projects arrive on Thursday.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Moda Modern Building Blocks 1

Moda Modern Building Blocks Sewalong
I wasn't as prepared as I expected for sharing our first four blocks as holidays and customer work have limited my time over the last month. However this morning I sewed two blocks that I cut yesterday and I think my Sewjo is back.
Firstly here's block 5 - an 18" block made of fabrics by Carolyn Friedlander.

Then block 7 uses the background scraps from block 5 along with some Basic Grey grunge and stitched circle. Bold colours. I waited until the rest of the block had been pieced before adding the four corners.

Block 6 which is also an 18" block, uses Cotton and Steel, Basic Grey Grunge and Bake Sale. Not as in your face as the previous block.

 Blocks 5 and 6 are then joined together to make part of section B. I recommend stitching the sections together as you make more blocks as then finishing the quilt top will be quicker once the last few blocks are finished.

Then finally I pieced one of the 24" blocks - number 4. I'm loving how this looks. It uses grunge again, Summersville, Bake Sale, Pearl Bracelets and the background text fabric.
And here are my first four blocks together. The orange dominates at the moment, but as we make further blocks, I'm sure it will be less dominant.

How Are your Moda Building Blocks coming along? Link below to share your progress.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seminole giant

I finished this huge 110" square quilt before going on holiday. The client didn't want to come and collect it so we agreed that Jane would deliver it to the Guild meeting on my return. I tidied it neatly away to clear the long arm for Jane and promptly forgot about it. I even took another client quilt from the same table and didn't see it. however our Guild meeting is tomorrow so it was time to trim the quilt whilst another is on the machine.
All of this quilt was pieced by hand. Carmel always pieces by hand, she has more patience than me. So it is now ready to be bound and Carmel is going to have to ask her friend to apply the binding to the front by machine as she usually takes the backing from the front to the back. As the backing wasn't large enough for the quilt, I trimmed it as instructed. The request was to quilt it so that it was ready for binding. Everything else was my choice so I used So Fine thread again in cream and the pantograph - Japanese Clouds.
Now to finish Alice's hexagon quilt. I wonder if I could get Jane to deliver that tomorrow evening too. Then I can quilt one of my own quilts before quilting Alice's second quilt.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Be happy with what you have

We are back from our four night trip to Venice followed by a seven day cruise on P&O's Ventura. Once again we were lucky to have dinner each night with three couples who were very good company. We also got an upgrade to a superior deluxe balcony cabin which included a bottle of champagne which we shared with our dinner companions.
I also received lots of happy mail whilst I was away and the first I'm going to share with you is the embroidered mini quilt swap.
All beautifully packaged by Florence who blogs at 

First of all some delightful chocolates in the shape of a bundt tin. Hmm, might have to look for another tin when we're in Berlin. Some sewing themed tape - I've been looking at some on Ebay so Florence was spot on with that and some floss in a colour I don't have.

Florence's card said that she knew I liked bright colours!!  We have swapped before. ;) A perfect red spot for the backing and then a beautiful mini quilt is revealed. I love the little bumble bee. I recognise the designer but will have to ask who it is as I can't remember. I was awake at 4am this morning so please forgive my woolly brain.

A beautiful parcel to chase away the post holiday blues.

I have beautiful bee blocks to share tomorrow and I hope my photography will be better than today's offering.

Beautiful Bumbling Honeys blocks

More gorgeous post which arrived whilst I was away. Blocks from three Bumbling Honeys bee participants - Carol, Sue and Jo.

Two blocks from Sue (left) and Carol (right) love the summerville, big beautiful text prints and cotton and steel

Sue also chose text fabric and pinks for her second block. Again some favourite fabrics of mine - Simply Color, Bike tracks and Carolyn Friedlander, then a great yellow pearl bracelet design on a polka dot from Carol.

Jo always uses great fabrics and this block is no exception. I love the blue graph paper background that she's used. This is an 18" block.

And here are all my beautiful blocks together from the ladies. I must cut another block out to piece tomorrow as I need to get back into the swing of things.

And tomorrow, I'll have the first of the Siblings Together 2 blocks which have come home and I'll share my daring plan.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stash Bee hive #5 September

I had these blocks all parcelled up ready to take to the Post Office and then I realised I hadn't taken a photo. Jacki gave us a tutorial to make blocks for a boy's quilt in primary colours using a tear away stabiliser. I have realised that I don't have many greens in modern fabrics, so I will have to enhance my stash again. :) But not before starting to tidy my sewing room ready for Jane to come and house sit next Monday.
This is the last month of Stash Bee for Hive 5. Due to ladies dropping out we have missed two months, but that now gives us time to finish our own quilts.