Friday, May 22, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage - Canning season and chicken foot


This is week 4 of the Farm Girl Vintage Sew along, and the blocks are called canning season and chicken foot. I realised last week that I needed a few more 6" blocks, so I have made two 6" canning blocks of a can of cherries and water melon. Though I think the watermelon looks more like raspberry jam. :)

The two bodies of the cans were picked from some FQs that a friend no longer wanted and they go perfectly with the theme of the quilt.

I love the Chicken foot block with its spotty background. This fabric came from one of the monthly I want her Stash bundles. The other fabrics are by Lori Holt and Cotton & Steel.
And here are the three blocks together.
And then all of the blocks so far. I like how they're looking together.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cosy blanket - time to tidy up

I have been lazy and not sewn in any ends on this blanket I've been crocheting. I incurred a sports injury on Monday night which my physiotherapist says is a category 1 to 2 tear in my calf muscle. No exercise apart from walking for 4 to 6 weeks. Shame no burpies. I know you want to know what I was doing - we were about 2 minutes into an exercise class and not going for the burn yet and something went awry. Adam thought it would just be a strain, but I  felt it was more and he had a cancellation yesterday afternoon so I jumped at it. Or I would have jumped if I could, just walking down the stairs is a challenge.

Jane gave me permission to put my feet up and crochet the day away so I did. I think I'm about half done, so today it's time to start sewing in those ends. Lucy at Attic24 gives great instructions on how to sew them in which is a boon for novices like me.

So at each colour change I'm sewing in at least five ends and it's starting to look much tidier and less like a fringe. I don't want to spend an entire evening just sewing in ends, so I'll crochet a row and then sew in some ends, repeat until finished.

Most of my wool came from Black Sheep Wools but they were out of stock of a few colours so I also ordered from Wool Warehouse and I love these giant organza bags that they pack the wool in. So useful to transport your project and protect it.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Siblings Together - June 2015

I know it's only May, but as some of us are meeting up on 1 June, Jo has been kind enough to send us the instructions for June so that we can hand deliver our blocks. A simple 18" block, which was nice and quick to sew after scouring my stash for suitable fabric that was a large enough piece.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hooked on crochet

I thought I'd share my progress on a new project today. I have followed the attic 24 blog since it was recommended to me by Michelle, then Claire bought me a kit for one of her patterns for Christmas. I had a go, but the patterns weren't lining up so I put it aside. Then I won a voucher for Black Sheep Wools and succumbed to some Stylecraft Special DK and got started on my cosy blanket.  Black Sheep Wools didn't have all of the colours I needed so I bought the rest of the wool from Wool Warehouse. I love that the wool comes in lovely big organza bags which are brilliant for storing your projects in. I may have also bought a kit for a second project to take advantage of the free postage.
All of the wool for my cosy blanket is stored in a basket in order of the stripes. Sad I know, but it makes it easy to grab the next two balls to work on.
All of my Stylecraft wool is stored in the wardrobe next to my long arm and I have a few random colours for future use or borders.

I store the next four colours in the organza bag and return them once used to the basket.  I've now done two stripes of each of the fifteen colours and I'm pleased with my progress. I'm trying to do two stripes every day to make visible progress.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Baking day and Butter churn


This is week 3 of the Farm Girl Vintage Sew along, and this week's blocks are butter churn and baking day. I thought butter churn would look good as a 12" block and the colours follow the book pretty much.

Love the baking day block. Very retro and I also did a 12" block for this one.

Here they are together so far. I need to make a few more 6" blocks to balance the larger blocks.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kaffe ST quilt progress

When I went to load the quilt on the machine, I found it was smaller than I had expected. Hmm, I hadn't added the final border. Back to the sewing machine. Now it's on the machine and I'm trying out some ruler work. A piano key border and orange peel pattern in the middle. I realise that I need to change the open toed foot to an enclosed foot, but first I have to find it. The quilting isn't perfect and some parts will need to be unpicked as the tension is atrocious, but a charity quilt is perfectly suited for practising on.

I've started allocating myself six tasks to do each day and I mark off which days are a win, when all six tasks have been achieved. This week hasn't been full of wins, but making the binding for this quilt was one of today's tasks and it's now done ready for when the quilt is finished.
Quilters are going great guns and I will have three more to add to this total by the end of next week. The labels have arrived so they need to be sewn on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My small world quilt along - low volume swap
I have made a small amount of progress in advance of the start of the sewalong. My hexies are sewn together, but unfortunately they're not required until part 5. I have sent about 8 envelopes of hexies to the UK and USa and I have three more to post tomorrow.
The quilt requires a yard of mixed low volume fabrics. I started cutting up my scraps and made significant progress. Or so I thought until I worked out we need over 300 1.5" squares. Wow.

You might ask what is low volume fabric. This article on Craftsy describes it as:

"Low-volume fabrics are defined as fabrics that “read” as light fabrics but at the same time have a secondary pattern or design. Just one of these fabrics can be used as the background for an entire quilt, but it’s even more fun to combine many different low-volume fabrics for stunning quilts.
Many fabric collections come with a mix of bold prints along with lighter prints that are perfect low-volume fabrics. Low-volume prints from a single collection can be used, or fabrics from a variety of collections can be combined."

Here are a few that I pulled from my basket of low volume fabrics. Here you'll find text prints too. I have several different white on white fabrics as well as cream on cream. I'm not sure I'd use the numerical fabric on the right hand side. It looks a little bold for me.

If like me you don't have a great variety of low volume fabrics for this quilt, I have agreed to organise a swap. You can go to eventbrite to sign up here. Swappers will be sending me up to three bags of ten 1.5" strips at least 18" long. I will swap them out and return them on 1 June when I go to London. Here are the three fabrics I'm planning on using - a cream on cream spot from Bonnie & Camille, a sprigged white on white and gold stars on white.
Any questions about this swap - just e=-mail me. I know it's a quick deadline, but the sewalong starts very soon.